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29 Luglio

A special day to celebrate 25 years of entertainment

Special opening of the Park and attractions until 1 am!

A big Party to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Park! Many surprises to have fun together.
During the day the most famous voices of RDS radio channel will be live from the Park. In the evening the party will move to "Piazza della Fama" where will take place the exceptional DJ set powered by Villapapeete.  At the end of the day, magnificent fireworks will delight all our guests!
As in the best b-day party, don't miss the cake at the end of the day!

Come and enjoy the music! 

8 hours of fun at only 9,9€!

attend a special evening with us... and from 5 pm enter the Park at just €9.9with a promotional Evening Ticket! 

Buy it online now or at the main gate from 5 pm!

* Evening ticket does not give access to the promotion "second day free".  If desired, the adding of the second next day cost just 5€ per person.

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Second day Free!

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